Man, a description of my blog. I used to have a specific reason for creating a Tumblr. Now, it's just a thing I do to pass the time. Sometimes, it gets a little personal. Sometimes, it gets a little weird. Either way, stay awhile and listen. Well, more like read; unless you like to read your posts out loud. I like to try in a Morgan Freeman like voice. I bet you will read the rest of this description out in his voice. For that, I do apologize. Some of this blog is probably going to be NSFW or for those who need to be eligible to vote. Not that I ever post anything too nasty, however, I curse like a sailor. I am a mother, an IT technician (well, that's what it says on my business card), and a full time student. Thanks for stopping by (you are still reading this as Morgan Freeman, aren't you? You're welcome).

"The sun is awake!"-Bria

Taking a walk with my sweetpea.

Hired some help for a bit today!


And finally someone said it

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I am a firm believer that children know a lot more about the spiritual world than we do as adults…

I was tucking Bria in tonight when she told me Gunner was crying.  Now, Gunner passed away a few months ago due to kidney failure; so it has been a long while since he has been present in her life.  I asked her why he was crying.  She states it is because he isn’t here anymore.

I fucking lost it.   My heart literally dropped in my lap.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss that dog.  And to hear that was the icing on the cake.  And for my 3 year old to even understand that much just makes me hurt even more.

Man.  I hope that someday, I get to see that dog again.  He was definitely one of a kind…

Laptop races….

The northwest is on fiiiiyaaaaaaah!


True. Be brave, be kind, be you.

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i cant stop laughing help


i cant stop laughing help

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