Man, a description of my blog. I used to have a specific reason for creating a Tumblr. Now, it's just a thing I do to pass the time. Sometimes, it gets a little personal. Sometimes, it gets a little weird. Either way, stay awhile and listen. Well, more like read; unless you like to read your posts out loud. I like to try in a Morgan Freeman like voice. I bet you will read the rest of this description out in his voice. For that, I do apologize. Some of this blog is probably going to be NSFW or for those who need to be eligible to vote. Not that I ever post anything too nasty, however, I curse like a sailor. I am a mother, an IT technician (well, that's what it says on my business card), and a full time student. Thanks for stopping by (you are still reading this as Morgan Freeman, aren't you? You're welcome).




Twilight in two seconds

This is the only twilight thing I will ever reblog. 

I have been waiting for this gif

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Easily the saddest part of Season 2, or possibly all seasons.

What? No, of course i’m not crying. shut up.

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Just remember, when one door closes, another one opens…

And then I close it before you walk through, because I’m a dick.

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Sorry for my absence, I got sucked into watching Dr. Who and more homework than anything…

Did anybody else cry like nobody’s business at the end of Season 2?  I won’t give away any spoilers, but I lost it.  Ugh, this show.  It ruins me something fierce.
Hope you are all well.  :)


Need to clean up my wiring a bit, but this is going to make a fine home office computer :)

"The sun is awake!"-Bria

Taking a walk with my sweetpea.